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    “It was amazing to have you here and we hope to host you again . We saw the pictures you took and were magnificent”

    Elephant Sands Resort - Botswana

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    About Aussieinwanderlust:

    Aussieinwanderlust is a travel source of information for thousands of readers per month. In its short life span it has been an inspiration to fellow want-to-be travellers looking at how to take the first big leap.

    The blog shares firsthand knowledge on all things learnt while on the road. I don’t just travel to a place and leave 2 days later after seeing all the main tourist sites, I like to stay in places for extended periods. This is how you truly learn about a place, its culture and its people.

    Founded in 2017 the blog focuses on how to travel with freedom, flexibility and purpose. If it’s an outdoors or adventure activity chances are we’re interested in checking it and sharing it with the world.